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The Four Core Divisions:

Dr. E. J. Haile Wellness Institute – Producing useful research in preventive medicine practices for human health services.

Haile University Business School – Implementing a business enterprise program for entrepreneurs.

Higher Power Ministry – Enlightening individuals spiritually through motivational speaking and performing fine arts.

Our House Outreach – Aiding underserved individuals within our community.

We’re here for you every step of the way

Our mission is to eradicate social and economic disparities among disenfranchised individuals and communities.
To utilize the four core divisions of the Haile Foundation to help society achieve a more perfect union one person at a time!
To empower individuals with community assistance and resources which would change their lives from homeless to homestead.

Dr. E. J. Haile Wellness Institute

Through research and development, the institute will create a vast database of vital resources centered on new medicines and preventive practices and disperse this information to individuals in impoverished areas in an effort to improve their quality of life. The institute aims to minimize obstacles faced by those in underserved communities by providing a gateway to access vital medical treatment and services.

Haile University Business School

Haile University Business School offers a virtual classroom platform, providing students with the flexibility to conveniently pursue business training and professional licensing. Our platform enables you to benefit from flexibility, affordability, enhanced skill development, and an improved balance between school and life commitments.

Our House Outreach

Our goal is to empower individuals with community assistance and resources which would change their lives from homeless to homestead. Our House will provide the following services: Temporary Housing, obtaining legal documentation, workforce development, and more. Currently more than 32,000 people are experiencing homelessness throughout the metropolitan DC area with existing resources that are non-accessible. Our House will access the needs of those eager for assistance through an in-depth intake evaluation that will identify the most effective resources and assistance to obtain permanent housing.

Higher Power Ministry

We provide encouragement and spiritual enlightenment through motivational speaking and creative fine arts. Music Therapy – An innovative approach to resonate peace and tranquility through Music Meditation. Uplifting Individuals level of consciousness through Musical Teaching & Performances.

Dr. Eulandolyn Jones Haile
In honor of the late Dr. Eulandolyn Jones Haile, this foundation was established to continue the legacy of the work she began in 1994. Along with Dr. Haile’s research, her professional and core life values are exemplified through the four core divisions this foundation’s mission is based on.
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